MedStar Response to Incorrect Media Reports

News reports circulating about the malware attack on MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 IT system are incorrect. Our partner Symantec, a global leader in cybersecurity, has been on the ground from the start of the situation conducting a thorough forensic analysis. Symantec said, 鈥淭he 2007 and 2010 fixes referenced in the article were not contributing factors in this event.鈥 Based on the advice of IT, cybersecurity and law enforcement experts, MedStar will not be elaborating further on additional aspects of this malware event. This is not only for the protection and security of MedStar 万达彩票网, its patients and associates, but is also for the benefit of other healthcare organizations and companies. to read MedStar鈥檚 systemwide media release regarding incorrect media reports.

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April 4 (2 p.m.) MedStar 万达彩票网 Update

MedStar 万达彩票网 is deeply thankful for the hard work and determination of its IT team and partners and is greatly encouraged by the progress made to date. Thanks to their round-the-clock efforts over the weekend, our clinical and administrative systems are almost fully back online. We continue to resolve unique, site-specific issues on a real-time basis. to read MedStar鈥檚 most recent media release regarding our computer network.

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2 p.m. MedStar Harbor Hospital Update Regarding Computer Network

Thanks to the teamwork of MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 31,000 associates, as well as the expertise and dedication of MedStar鈥檚 IT and Cyber teams, systems were approaching 90 percent functionality this morning. With focused efforts on systems related directly to patient care, all three clinical systems are functioning. We cannot emphasize enough our appreciation for the support and understanding of the thousands of patients who have received care this week. to read MedStar鈥檚 most recent media release regarding our computer network.

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5 p.m. MedStar Harbor Hospital Update Regarding Computer Downtime

MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 priority continues to be providing high quality, safe patient care, as we work to fully restore all of our major IT systems. Our doors remain open, with a few exceptions. With the dedication and commitment of our clinicians and associates, we are thankful that we have been able to perform more than 1,000 surgeries since Monday morning鈥檚 malicious malware attack. We have also been inspired by the continued support of our patients and communities. to read MedStar鈥檚 recent systemwide media release regarding computer downtime.

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3 p.m. MedStar Harbor Update Regarding Computer Downtime

MedStar 万达彩票网 continues to work towards full restoration of our major IT systems, thanks to the tireless efforts of MedStar leaders, IT, clinicians and associates鈥攁nd the support of our patients and communities. Most importantly, MedStar has been privileged to provide high quality care approximating our normal volume levels, as evidenced by the 6,000 patients we鈥檝e served in our hospitals and ambulatory centers since Monday morning. to read specific ways MedStar has remained dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients and communities, despite the malicious malware attack.聽

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MedStar Harbor Update Regarding Computer Downtime

All major clinical systems are working towards full restoration, following MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 decision on Monday, March 28 to take systems offline to prevent the spread of identified malware and protect patient and associate information. to read MedStar鈥檚 recent systemwide media release regarding computer downtime.

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Statement from MedStar 万达彩票网 Regarding Computer Downtime

Significant progress is being made toward restoring functionality of MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 IT system, which was affected by malware early Monday morning. At the early signs of an issue, our team quickly made a decision to take down all of our systems as a precaution and to ensure no further corruption.

After a careful assessment and testing overnight, we are working to restore the majority of our IT systems today. We are using backup systems, including paper documentation鈥攁 process used before the advancements of technology鈥攚here necessary, and as an additional layer of support to our clinical operations. We will continue to partner with experts in the field of IT and cybersecurity, as well as law enforcement, to continually assess the situation as we safely restore functionality.

Every caregiver across the system is trained to prepare for these types of challenges, and our patients can be assured that their team of caregivers is well coordinated. Patients should feel confident that they will receive excellent care, and can continue to rely on our commitment to provide the highest levels of quality and safe care.

With a few unique exceptions, all of our doors remain open. As we shared yesterday, the safety of our patients and associates and the privacy of their information is our utmost concern. We have no evidence that patient information has been compromised or stolen in any way. Patient information will not be added to any system without ensuring it is completely free of any and all viruses and security threats.

鈥淒espite the challenges affecting MedStar 万达彩票网鈥檚 IT systems, the quality and safety of our patients remains our highest priority, which has not waned throughout this experience. Fortunately, the core ways in which we deliver patient care cannot be altered, manipulated or harmed by malicious attempts to disrupt the services we provide,鈥 Stephen R.T. Evans, MD, executive vice president, Medical Affairs and chief medical officer, MedStar 万达彩票网. 鈥淥ur ability to serve our patients and their families depends first and foremost on our caregivers, and their expert knowledge and compassion focused on each patient.鈥

鈥淭he attempt to negatively impact an institution designed to save lives and care for those in need is a sad and troublesome reality of our times, not only for MedStar 万达彩票网, but for our entire industry and the communities we serve,鈥 says Kenneth A. Samet, FACHE, president and chief executive officer, MedStar 万达彩票网. 鈥淔ortunately, thanks to the expertise and dedication of our clinical and IT teams, we are addressing the current issue in an expeditious and thoughtful manner, never losing sight of our responsibility to our patients.鈥

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